Open meditations evenings and Dhammatalks


19-20 o´clock   introduction to the meditation

20-21 o´clock   Dhammatalk


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Asalha-Puja & entering the three months rains retreat

from July 27th till July 29th (or longer)


The schedule is same like in the regular courses. Arrival on July 27th should be between 12 o´clock till 16 o´clock. The exception is that on 27th as well as on 28th participants will join together for evening chanting & meditation with Dhammatalk as well as a small ceremony.


At the fullmoon of the month "Asalha" (mostly in July or August) the traditional three months rains retreat during which monastics stay at one place is starting. During that time they can only travel a limited time and only for special occasions. Often this time is a period of intensive practice, retreat and study.

Birthday of Ven. Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo & donation tree

from September 20th till 23rd (or starting from September 1st)


Our Venerable abbot in Thailand and teacher Venerable Phra Prom Mongkol will turn 95 on September 21st. He is a living example of the wholesome effects of the meditation practice for the body and the mind.

Shortly before passing away the Buddha explained that those monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen who practice upright, cultivate their minds and practice and life according to the teachings, they respect, appreciate, esteem and honor the Blessed One the most.

In this spirit we wish to offer the whole meditation course from September 1st till September 21st to our Venerable teacher in Thailand and share the merits with him. On September 21st we will have a small ceremony, practice and chant together and have a Dhammatalk. We are intending to invite 1-2 more monastics. The detailed programme will be announced at a later point.

On September 22nd the abbot of the Thai temple in Dreieich-Götzenhain nearby Frankfurt in which Venerable Samaneri Silavaddhani lived for seven years will come together with a group of people from the Thai community. They wish to express their sympathetic joy and offer a donation tree to the Dhammanikhom Vipassana meditation center. In that context there will be chanting of blessings and protections as well as a traditional food offering ceremony to the monks & nuns.

Those who can´t praticipate in the full 12-days retreat or 21-days Basic course, can register for the festivities from September 20th till 23rd.

robe offering & Sanghadana on the occasion of the end of the three months rains retreat

from November 2nd till 4th


The schedule is like in a regular meditation course. Arrival on November 2nd should be between 12 o´clock and 16 o´clock. In the evening is an open meditation evening and Dhammatalk in which participants can join. On November 3rd there will be a small ceremony.

It is a tradition that in the month after the end of the three months rains retreat robes and other requisites are offered to the monastics and monasteries/ centers (Sanghadana). As the rains retreat often is a period of intense practice, retreat and study, offerings on that occasion are considered to be very meritorious.