In the following periods one can register for a meditation course in Lieberose:



  • 05 September until 15 September
  • 29 September until 15 October
  • 29 October until 15 November
  • 29 November until 15 December
  • 27 December´18 until 10 January´18

We are looking for a land or house in Lieberose and surrounding which is suitable to establish a meditation centre. For now, persons who wish to do a meditation course stay in rented holiday apartments which have to be paid by each participant on his/her own. We have accomodation for 2-3 yogis free of charge but it has to be clarified upon registrations if there is free space. Meals as well as personal talks with the teacher (reports) take place in the main flat where the teacher and helper are staying. Meditation can be performed either there or in the holiday apartment.

Furthermore we are intending to rent facilities at fixed dates for permorming Days of Mindfulness, meditation weekends or introduction courses.


Everybody is welcome! New students have the chance to learn to practise meditation and experienced meditators can deepen their practice. Just one day of practice is precious.  

Registration, further information and questions: or +49 1522-4030356