"A dwelling-place is praised by the Awakened One as chief gift to an Order.

Therefore a wise man, looking to his own wealth, should have charming dwelling-places built so that those who have heard much can stay therein. To these food and drink, raiment and lodgings

he should give, to the upright, with mind purified.

(Then) these teach him dhamma dispelling every ill."                                                                                      (Vihāra-dāna-gāthā)

With the support of two architects, for whose help we are very grateful, we have developed a long-term comprehensive plan for the Dhammanikhom Vipassana-Meditationszentrum with monastic routine (see below).


In this area we will keep you updated on the fundraising for supporting further extension as well as the implementation steps.

The first step has been started and is the creation of two new rooms and a bathroom in an area that has not yet been developed. We hope that the implementation, acceptance by the building authorities and start of use can take place in July.


At the same time we are opening a new donation tree for the following construction phase. Donations received with the subject "donation tree" will be saved for this.


The donation tree is formed by a trunk with four parts (5.000 € each) and 180 cherry blossoms (1.000 € each). It is also possible to take a whole branch with eight cherry blossoms (8.000 €).


As unforeseen costs are often to be expected in old buildings, we cannot yet determine exactly how much the next section will cost. But in order to continue, at least 50% of the cherry blossom tree would have to be collected, which equals 100.000 €.

It is still to be checked carefully which will be the next step. Probably it will be the extension of the former coal store in the nun´s / women's area with more rooms and a bathroom. 


An alternative would be the extension of the utility rooms (currently gardening department, building material store) and the attic above. A new, larger meditation hall will be built there, so that the current meditation hall can be used as a permanent report room, library and devotional room. Underneath it, a handicapped accessible guest room will be built as well as two toilets and an easily accessible and central utility room for the cleaning materials etc.



Outlook on the planned expansion measures (comprehensive concept)


The goals are:


  • ... of a nun´s area for up to four nuns, 
  • ... of more rooms for helpers,
  • ... of more guest rooms,
  • ... of a larger meditation hall,
  • ... of a separate report room with Dhamma library. 

Further modernization and renovation measures like e.g.

  • ... Removal of moisture damage,
  • ... renewal of old lines (electricity, water),
  • ... renovation of old buildings,
  • ... insulation and thermal insulation,
  • ... renewal of the heating system,
  • ...

This makes the current donation tree the first step in the overall concept. We will then share current information with you on further stages of construction.


We hope that the outer growth will be a healing and beneficial condition for the inner growth of many people and that the Dhammanikhom Vipassana Meditation Center will be able to provide space for more nuns and aspirants in the future.