"A dwelling-place is praised by the Awakened One as chief gift to an Order.

Therefore a wise man, looking to his own wealth, should have charming dwelling-places built so that those who have heard much can stay therein. To these food and drink, raiment and lodgings

he should give, to the upright, with mind purified.

(Then) these teach him dhamma dispelling every ill."                                                                                      (Vihāra-dāna-gāthā)

With the support of two architects, for whose help we are very grateful, we have developed a long-term comprehensive plan for the Dhammanikhom Vipassana-Meditationszentrum with monastic routine (see below).


We are really grateful for our great craftsmen, who all have their hearts in the right place and always work reliably and on time, despite full order books, delivery shortages and problems with junior staff. Nowadays, they usually have no other choice than "present moment"... ;)


In any case, we also always share a large portion of merit with them - because their work is of course a very central part for the further development and expansion of the center.


We will keep you updated here in this section about the next stages of construction. Information about fundraising to support further expansion can be found here.


The extension of the nuns' area has currently begun. 


In the first construction phase in the nuns' area, a staircase for the separate entrance to the nuns' area, an office and roof and ceiling work for statics, insulation, etc. are being carried out in this area and a dormer is being built. The donations for this section were already collected in 2023.


We would like to move smoothly into the 2nd construction phase for the expansion of two nuns' rooms with bathrooms and a hallway (as a lounge for the nuns' community, small tea corner, storage room for religious objects, Dhamma books, robe fabrics, etc.). A further amount of 120,000 € is expected to be needed for this section!


A fundraising campaign is already underway.


We are also very pleased that this 2nd construction phase in the nuns' area is also being supported by the Sati Foundation - Foundation for Mindfulness, based in Laufenburg. The foundation explicitly promotes the support of ordained persons; it is particularly committed to the Bhikkhuni Sangha, women on the path to ordination and nunneries.


For latest pictures of the building progess please check in the German section here.


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Outlook on the planned expansion measures (comprehensive concept)


The goals are:


  • ... of a nun´s area for up to four nuns, 
  • ... of more rooms for helpers,
  • ... of more guest rooms,
  • ... of a larger meditation hall,
  • ... of a separate report room with Dhamma library. 

Further modernization and renovation measures like e.g.

  • ... Removal of moisture damage,
  • ... renewal of old lines (electricity, water),
  • ... renovation of old buildings,
  • ... insulation and thermal insulation,
  • ... renewal of the heating system,
  • ...

This makes the current donation tree the first step in the overall concept. We will then share current information with you on further stages of construction.


We hope that the outer growth will be a healing and beneficial condition for the inner growth of many people and that the Dhammanikhom Vipassana Meditation Center will be able to provide space for more nuns and aspirants in the future.