Who can participate?


Please contact us if you are interested. We will then send you further information about the requirements for an application, etc. 

For "first-timers" it is possible to apply for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 2 weeks in the mentioned periods and only if you have already completed at least 1-2 complete courses at Dhammanikhom.


Monastic times of practice and merit-making

  • June 10 to July 09 (experienced & first-timers welcome)
  • July 17 to August 23 (experienced & first-timers welcome)
  • September 01 to September 30 (quiet time; only for experienced monastery guests; minimum stay is 15 days, longer is welcome; unfortunately no first-timers possible)
  • October 01 to 18 (experienced & first-timers welcome) 

People who have already completed such a monastery stay can also apply for a longer period of time or it is also possible to come for just a few days (e.g. an extended weekend) by arrangement.


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