Due to the very high demand for course places, preference is given to applications for complete courses (basic course 15-21 days, retreat 12-14 days). Minimum stay for first-time visitors is one week. 

In the following periods the meditation center is opened. It means one can register during the mentioned times below for an optional time span. If spaces are available one can start the course any time during the opening periods.

Further information about the courses offered can be found in the category courses.



  • 26 June until 24 July
  • 01 August until 21 August
  • 28 August until 21 September
  • 01 October until 15 October
  • 19 November until 17 December

Everybody is welcome! New students have the chance to learn to practise meditation and experienced meditators can deepen their practice. Just one day of practice is precious.  

Registration, further information and questions:

Dhammanikhom Vipassana-Meditationszentrum

Hauptstr. 18

03185 Heinersbrück


email: dhammanikhom@gmail.com

phone: 0049 (0)35601-803804