We are grateful and happy to be able to offer courses in the existing facilities. But especially in the winter months we regularly reach capacity limits because not all rooms are available all year round.


Therefore, the next step is the creation of two new rooms and a bathroom in an undeveloped area. This measure shall be implemented as soon as possible. The building permit procedure is already underway, but we can only start once sufficient funds are available.


A first rough cost estimate is currently around 60,000 €.


As a reminder: Last autumn a new donation tree "50 x 1.000 €" was set up for further renovations and 22.200 € have already been donated.

In order to fill up this donation tree and start the building project, we are looking for 28 supporters until 31 December 2019, each donating 1,000 €.


After a message of intent the amount can be transferred to our account with the subject "donation tree". If you are a group, please contact us in advance so that we can allocate the donations accordingly.


On Tuesday, 31 December 2019, the donation tree will be handed over during a ceremony.


Outlook on the planned expansion measures

The next planned extension (two rooms and bathroom) is embedded in a long-term overall concept for the Dhammanikhom Vipassana Meditation Centre with monastic routine. 

With the support of two architects, for whose help we are very grateful, we have developed a comprehensive plan for the centre and started a building permit process. Once approval has been granted, implementation will begin step by step.


The goals are:


  • ... of a nun´s area for up to four nuns, 
  • ... of more rooms for helpers,
  • ... of more guest rooms,
  • ... of a larger meditation hall,
  • ... of a separate report room with Dhamma library. 

Further modernization and renovation measures like e.g.

  • ... Removal of moisture damage,
  • ... renewal of old lines (electricity, water),
  • ... renovation of old buildings,
  • ... insulation and thermal insulation,
  • ... renewal of the heating system,
  • ...

This makes the current donation tree the first step in the overall concept. We will then share current information with you on further stages of construction.


We hope that the outer growth will be a healing and beneficial condition for the inner growth of many people and that the Dhammanikhom Vipassana Meditation Center will be able to provide space for more nuns and aspirants in the future.